Father Dominic Legge back with us tomorrow on EWTN radio along with Dr. Grazie Christie!

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The Morning Glory team in FULL action tomorrow morning breaking news of the day including the recent meeting VP Joe Biden had in Turkey over our relationship with NATO and more troubling ties between Hillary Clinton’s work at the State Department and donations to the Clinton Foundation… We’re happy to have our dear Father Dominic Legge back with us after he’s been with some Dominican Sisters for a retreat!

Guests include our own Dr. Matthew Bunson discussing his recent pieces on The National Catholic Register. We’ll also discuss the upcoming canonization of Mother Teresa coming up September 4th! Make sure to watch full complete coverage on EWTN!

Congress left without passing Zika funding. The White House Administration has been busy blaming Republicans, but Dr. Grazie Christie joins tomorrow from The Catholic Association to tell us the real truth about how Democrats have forfeited Zika funding over their desire to have more money allocated to Planned Parenthood.

We also look at a new study on gender ideology exposing the reality of how damaging it can be on children. Melody Wood of The Heritage Foundation joins to discuss the findings and why the media isn’t revealing the truth regarding this recent push by the Obama Administration to make transgender policies ‘the law of the land.’

We have a ton to discuss and hope you’ll find your way to the breakfast table! The conversation is a two-way street here at Morning Glory! Feel free to comment here, find us on Facebook and Twitter, or email directly: MorningGlory@EWTN.com.

See you bright and early!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy


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