Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with Amy McInerny joining us!

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We have a fun show lined up for you tomorrow morning as we get closer and closer to the canonization of Mother Teresa! Make sure to stay tuned to EWTN for full coverage of all the festivities kicking off Saturday!

We have a full show lined up with some of our favorite guests! Amber Athey of Campus Reform joins us to discuss some of the issues plaguing college campuses these days as students head back to school. One of the stories focuses on a UT professor who openly mocks the Lord’s Prayer in a video posted online.

We’ll also get the latest from Rome just after the Pope’s General Audience – and discuss the funeral that took place in Italy for over 200 quake victims– as the country still works to rebuild after the devastating tremors. Elise Harris of Catholic News Agency joins us. To read her work, visit

We’ll also be joined by our dear friend and sometimes guest co-host, Amy McInerny of Human Life Action. She is helping to spearhead a call to action about the NIH and a project that is extremely unethical.. Learn more information by visiting here.

Our conversation is a two way street! We absolutely love to hear from you! Leave a comment here, find us on Facebook and Twitter @EWTN, or email directly:

‘See’ you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy


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