Kicking off your Thursday on EWTN radio with Christine Goss!

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Join us for Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET on the EWTN airwaves! We’ll be discussing the major news stories of the day including Trump’s meeting in Mexico and a storm brewing along the Gulf Coast in Florida! We have our beloved Father Bjorn Lundberg back with us gearing up for school starting soon at Saint John Paul the Great High School in Dumfries!

With Labor Day approaching, we’ll have Dr. Chad Pecknold with us from Catholic University of America discussing the Catholic approach to labor and economics. We’ll discuss the Church’s teachings on this topic including Catholic Social Doctrine..

A recent ban in France of ‘burkinis’ just occurred over the summer months. Christine Goss thinks we should be concerned about the implications of this ban on our own religious liberty – she joins from the Conservative Review to discuss!

We’ll also talk all things pro-life with Jeanne Mancini of March for Life. Recently, pro-choice groups have petitioned the UN to declare an International Safe Abortion Day – we’ll discuss what this is all about and the dangerous dark rooms behind Planned Parenthood’s doors–all on a fast-paced rip-roaring Thursday edition of Morning Glory!

See you bright and early!

Alyssa Murphy

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