Fun Friday Morning Glory with Sister Constance Veit of Little Sisters of the Poor!

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Join us tomorrow morning as we discuss the big news stories of the day including the Pope issuing a motu proprio harmonizing the Canon codes and his beautiful words about the Blessed Mother on this day, Our Lady of Sorrows. We’ll also take a look at what’s happening on the campaign trail as Clinton went back to work today discussing her illness and Trump discussed his thoughts on the economy in New York. A sad story out of Maryland where a mother has been committed for killing her two children, claiming she was performing an exorcism–we’ll look at the reality of exorcisms and find out why these are always handled by a priest.

Guests include Sister Constance Veit! She’ll be in-studio with us discussing the fight she is leading for the Little Sisters of the Poor as the ACA attacks their religious freedom. She will be part of a panel with Kathryn Jean Lopez on what makes great citizenship–so we’ll touch on the importance of virtues as well.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day! How well do you know this historic and breathing document that is the framework for our freedom? We’ll dispel some of the myths around this living work with Constitution expert David Azerrad of the Heritage Foundation.

There’s a big conference coming up in October that touches on the important work of Catholic physicians. We’ll talk with Dr. Mary Andrews about the joy and privilege of being a Catholic doctor and find out what her challenges are in this era of restrictions and government mandates.

We have our beloved ‘deep’ friend Dominican, Father Aquinas Guilbeau back with us tomorrow. He’s been busy teaching classes on Theology at the Dominican House of Studies so make sure to tune in for all the wonderful words of direction he offers.

We love hearing from you! Should you have comments, suggestions, topics you’d like us to discuss–even prayer requests! Feel free to share here by leaving a comment, find us on Facebook, and Twitter @EWTN, or email directly:

Thank you for being part of our family and we’ll be looking for you bright and early!

God bless you!

Alyssa Murphy

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