Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with SBA President Marjorie Dannenfelser!

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Join us tomorrow morning on the EWTN airwaves as we discuss big news on the Trump campaign with Susan B. Anthony President Marjorie Dannenfelser being plucked for the Pro-Life Coalition! We’ll discuss where each candidate stands on all things life and discuss some exciting times in Birmingham over the weekend with the EWTN Family Celebration where now, in Irondale, you can drive on Mother Angelica Way!

Other guests include Stephen Herreid of on how Christians are being left out in the cold when it comes to the refugee settlement program. Of the 1,037 Syrian refugees the U.S. took in during May of this year, 1,035 were Muslims; two were Christians. We’ll look at why this is and what might be done about it. If you want to read his piece, here’s the link

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. We’ll be joined by a spouse who survived her own husband’s suicide to discuss how her spirituality has kept her grounded during this tragedy. Kim Ruocco of Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors to learn about the work TAPS does across the nation for those suffering with thoughts of suicide and help for surviving family members when someone does very sadly take their own life. Read more about TAPS here.

We aim to have enlightening and heartfelt conversations about the issues plaguing our world and find the Catholic perspective in all. You are a critical part of that conversation. Please find us on Facebook, write to us via Twitter @EWTN, or email directly at!

Thank you for being part of the Morning Glory Family!

See you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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