Fun Friday Morning Glory with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty!

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Join us bright and early on a Friday morning as we kick off the weekend discussing the big news of the day including the scary train crash in New Jersey that left at least a hundred injured and one dead. We also look at some of the day’s headlines including the Kansas Catholic bishops speaking out on what’s really important when it comes to the 2016 election this Fall!

Guests include Phil Robertson, most notably known for Duck Dynasty–and for speaking his mind! He’ll be discussing a new movie-documentary coming out next Friday called TORCHBEARER. The movie looks at what are the consequences of a society sans God. What happens when we start living in a world where God and morality is taken out of the public sphere. Don’t miss this deep conversation about an real issue facing our world today!

We also preview a new series airing on EWTN TV this weekend! Paul McCusker wrote and directed Brother Assisi: The Barefoot Saint of Assisi. The 10-part series airs this Sunday at 9pm ET. The show is a journey through the life of this beloved Saint whose Feast Day is October 4th!

With another Feast Day around the corner on Saturday, we’ll speak with one of the leading experts of the Little Flower! Father Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD, joins to discuss intimate details of this young saint became a Doctor of the Church! Father Kieran has been a Carmelite for over 69 years and is a wealth of knowledge!

We look forward to waking up with you! Leave a comment here should you want to share a thought on-air or have a question for one of our guests.. Happy almost weekend!

God Bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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