Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with David Adams!

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Join us for a Monday Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET on EWTN radio! We have much to discuss with the big debate tonight and new Cardinals named by Pope Francis–3 are American!

Guests include David Adams looking at the devastation wrought on by Hurricane Matthew and what we can do to help those suffering! Over 500 lost their lives in Haiti and dozens across the coastal states!

We’ll also look at police aggression and why we should care as Catholics. Addie Mena of Catholic News Agency joins to discuss her research. We’ll also look at the interesting life of Charlie Kirk with Catholic Vote reporter, Stephen Herreid!

We love to hear from you! Feel free to comment here, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@EWTN), or email the show directly:!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy


One thought on “Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with David Adams!

  1. I’d like to make a comment on the recent Wikileaks comments by the Hillary gang. My how God works in wondrous ways! Can anything more confirm the fact that the Catholic Church is the one true Church. When evil attacks, who should it attack but the one true Church. We can all be witness to the fact that He will protect His Church. I find the whole ordeal quite uplifting to my Faith. I also finding it quite amusing for the lack of understanding of Catholicism in the comments is abundant. Imagine the arrogance in the statement that I must choosing my faith based on whether it matches my political beliefs – and on the other hand, it is quite chilling that these thoughts are projections of the author’s own minds!


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