Brian Gibson of Pro Life Action Ministries joins Morning Glory tomorrow!

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Make sure to wake up with us on the EWTN airwaves as we sift through the news of the day all with a Catholic lens – and give glory to God FIRST thing in the morning! Father Dominic Legge is back with us tomorrow from the Thomistic Institute and we’ll be discussing some powerful statements from the Bishops of Minnesota regarding the upcoming election!

We’ll also talk with Brian Gibson of Pro Life Action Ministries about their big move to sue the University of Minnesota over their use of fetal tissue all hailed in the name of ‘research.’ It’s been happening on campuses across the nation and Brian is taking a stand against this heinous crime that is underreported–and that’s putting it mildly!

We’ll also explore masculinity – and how as a Church and society, we can make better men with Alexi Sargeant of First Things. He’ll talk about some role models he had growing up that helped him discern what real masculinity is–and we’ll also look at the facade of manhood that is flaunted day and night by mainstream media.

Our good friend, Dr. Matthew Bunson will be with us looking at some key Senate races that we should be concerned about this election season. It could come down to 6 states – are you living in one of them?.. We’ll also unpack more of the Al Smith dinner where both presidential candidates took shots at eachother–and see what Cardinal Dolan witnessed between the two – pretty surprising stuff! You can read Matthew’s work at!

Thank you for being part of the Morning Glory family! We’re blessed to have you!

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–Alyssa Murphy

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