Fun Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET on EWTN radio with Tom Burnford of NCEA!

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Join the Morning Glory team as we discuss the news of the day including the Vatican’s recent words on cremation and how the remains of our loved ones must be treated. We have one of our favorite priests with us tomorrow, Father Carter Griffin who will discuss discerning one’s vocation!

We’ll also discuss addiction with Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble, a daughter of St. Paul now living in Boston. She writes weekly for Aleteia and the National Catholic Register. She also is an editor and writer for Pauline Media!

We also will go across the pond to Rome to get the latest from Mary Shovlain of EWTN News Nightly on the Pope’s General Audience and the latest on all things and we’ll speak with the president of the National Catholic Education Association, Tom Burnford about the Leadership Summit taking place right now addressing all the issues facing Catholic educators – and students!

We’ll look to hear from you! Leave a comment here and we’ll discuss it on air!


Alyssa Murphy

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