Blessed to have Founder of Project Rachel Vicki Thorn joining Morning Glory tomorrow!

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After you slip on your shoes, kick off your day with Morning Glory tomorrow! We have a fun show lined up with our favorite high school chaplain Father Bjorn Lundberg with us from St. John Paul the Great high school in Dumfries, Virginia! When he and Gloria Purvis get together, there’s NO telling what just might happen!

Guests include pro-life pioneer Vicki Thorn who blazed the trail for the tremendous work that Project Rachel does for women and men suffering with post-abortive trauma. We’ll discuss her take on the Theology of the Body as well! You can learn more about her by visiting or

We’ll also discuss with Andrew Walther of Knights of Columbus what the liberation of Mosul would mean for Iraqi Christians and those being persecuted in the Middle East. Supreme Knight Carl Anderson recently released a statement and Andrew will give us the latest on what has taken place in the far reaches of Iraq – and where some Christians are now free!

Did you know there’s over 5 thousand relics in Pittsburgh?? Addie Mena of the Catholic News Agency joins to tell us the history behind them and why they’re in the ‘Burgh!

Our conversation is a two-way street! We want to hear from you! Please feel free to comment or pose questions here, find us on Facebook and Twitter @EWTN, or email the show directly:!

‘See’ you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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