Dr. Grazie Christie joins Morning Glory tomorrow 7am ET on EWTN radio!

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A fun Thursday edition of Morning Glory is lined up with our favorite Father Thomas Petri back with us. He’s a Missionary of Mercy and has been able to offer tremendous insight into this special role designated by Pope Francis within this Jubilee Year! Serving as Dean at the Dominican House of Studies, Father Petri has wonderful wit and a sharp sense of humor – so you don’t want to miss out!

Guests include Dr. Grazie Christie joining us to discuss her recent piece on the Catholic vote. She’ll offer more post-election analysis and consider what we might expect within the realm of religious freedom under a Trump Administration – and what role must be play as faithful citizens to the Catholic Church.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie is a Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association. She writes and speaks in both Spanish and English about Catholicism, religious freedom, and the intersection of faith and science. As a Hispanic, she brings a special focus on social issues that affect the growing Latino population, such as the state of the family and the real needs of the poor and marginalized. As a physician, she is able to address complex subjects relating to government health policy and its true impact on the people it purports to help.

We’ll also discuss a new book with Father Dan Horan. A young Franciscan friar (barely 30), Thomas Merton scholar, and a professor at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He’s just written his eighth book called “God Is Not Fair (and Other Reasons for Gratitude)” It’s a collection of essays and short articles for anyone trying to follow Christ in our modern world. Fr. Dan wrote the book as a response to the themes of our culture today (such as racism, violence, politics) and how we fit into that compared to what we might consider “simpler times” in the Gospels. How does our faith intersect with the modern world? He says the book is a “Christian booster shot” to encourage (and invite) the educated Christian (not necessarily Catholic) and self-described churchgoer who might just maintain status quo to look at his/her faith in a new way.

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‘See’ you bright and early!

–Alyssa Murphy


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