Previewing the movie BELIEVE tomorrow on Morning Glory with Billy Dickson!

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Wake up with us tomorrow morning on EWTN radio! We’ll be discussing the latest with the scary incident on the Ohio State University campus where an 18-year old student of Somali descent attacked students on campus after ramming his vehicle into them. We’ll also be considering the implications of the Dylann Roof representing himself after he intentionally opened fire on those gathered for prayer at a church in South Carolina.

Father Dominic Legge is back with us after the Thanksgiving holiday break and we have a full program lined up with Billy Dickson joining to discuss his new movie, BELIEVE, in theaters this Friday! “Believe,” the Christmas-themed movie filmed earlier this year in and around the Twin City and in Grundy, Virginia, debuts in about 600 theaters nationwide. The movie involves two families from different walks of life who join together to save the town’s annual Christmas pageant. O’Quinn, who convinced Dickson to film the movie in Grundy and Bristol, has appeared in numerous TV shows, including “JAG,” “Alias,” “Melrose Place,” “Beverly Hills 90210” and films, including “That Thing You Do.”
He portrays the main character, the owner of a small town factory that closes down and can no longer support the holiday activities. In one scene filmed in Bristol, someone attempts to blow up his car.

We’ll also discuss the latest legislative issues with Amy McInerny of Human Life Action as the year winds down. After a big win in the White House for life–and the House and Senate, Amy says this is no time for sleep, offering ways in which we can engage within the community and state governments to help promote the importance of life from conception to the grave.

With the horrific attack today at Ohio State University, Kyle Feldsher of the Washington Examiner joins to give us the latest on the attacker as well as those injured! In the end, 10 people were rushed to the hospital, and one of the reasons why authorities think there wasn’t more carnage was because of the wherewithal of students and campus police to act swiftly and safely in such an alarming scenario.

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See you dark and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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