Fun Friday Morning Glory with Father Mitch Pacwa!

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Kick off the weekend with us on Morning Glory as we discuss the biggest headlines of the day including a move by France to try and criminalize online pro-life advocacy! We’ll have the ‘deep-fried’ Dominican Father Aquinas Guilbeau back with us!

“O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams.” —Saint Augustine

The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, remains a mystery for many of us. We “adore and glorify” the Spirit with the Father and the Son, but do we really understand the power or the actions of the Spirit? Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J., renowned spiritual leader and popular author and TV host, guides us through seven sessions on the Holy Spirit, and answering questions like:

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in creation?
How does the Holy Spirit bestow authority and empower us?How did the Spirit work through the prophets?
How does the Spirit give us wisdom and “lead us into all truth”?
What is the relationship between the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Trinity?
How did the Holy Spirit empower Mary and others in the New Testament?
What role does the Holy Spirit play in our spiritual lives?
Written to be used by groups or individuals, each session includes catechesis, discussion, and a call to put the learning into practice. Let this study encourage you, the words of the Veni, Creator Spiritus, which dates back to the ninth century, pray, “Come Holy Spirit, Creator blest, and in our souls take up Thy rest.”

In this season of Advent and with Christmas coming soon, we are joined by Michele Bowe to learn about an organization that is doing life-saving work in the Holy Land. The Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to deliver life, peace, and hope in the Holy Land. As a work of the Order of Malta, the world’s oldest Christian charity, they serve to further the Catholic values of preserving life, fostering peace, and offering hope to the marginalized and those without a voice.

The foundation’s primary program is Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem, which is located just 1500 steps from the birthplace of Christ. The Catholic teaching hospital is a state-of-the-art maternity and neonatal critical care center serving poor and at-risk women, infants, and children throughout the West Bank of Palestine. The Hospital and its Mobile Outreach Clinic provide the highest quality care to all regardless of religion, ethnicity, or ability to pay. No one is ever turned away.

We’ll also discuss all things political especially Trump’s big speech in Indiana where he saved a thousand jobs–even before taking office–with Lifezette’s Edmund Kozak!

Join us bright and early–we’ll be looking for you!


Alyssa Murphy

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