Monday Morning Glory kicks off tomorrow 7am ET with Lisa Hendey!

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Join us tomorrow as we kick off the first full week of December on the EWTN airwaves! Brian Patrick is taking some much needed time off to hang out with his grandkids so we have Gloria Purvis along with Dr. Matthew Bunson in-studio along with producer Alyssa Murphy and our Godly Counsel aka spiritual sidekick, Monsignor Charles Pope!

We’ll be discussing breaking news over the weekend including a fire in Oakland, California inside a warehouse building that leaves at least 24 people dead–and they are still searching.. We’ll also discuss a tragic story of Brandy Vela, a high school senior that tragically ended her own life by pulling the trigger in front of not only her parents but her grandparents over a long period of cyberbullying. We’ll consider ways to help those struggling with these threats and also ways to detect if your own child or friend or family member might be influenced by outsiders saying things that are in no way edifying!

Guests include Catholic blogger Lisa Hendey known mostly for her blog: She is now out with a children’s series called the Chime Travelers–we’ll learn all about the series and special interactive segments that Lisa is doing across the nation.

The holidays are upon us! We made it through Thanksgiving but now in the Season of Advent, Christmas is quickly approaching and with the most wonderful day of the year–our family! Relatives pouring into your home can be stressful and trying. and We’ll talk with relationship expert Lisa Duffy about ways to get through the holidays gracefully–and help cement the true reason for the get-to-gether–the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus–and the amazing faith of his mother, the Blessed Mary Ever Virgin!

We want to hear from you! Please leave a comment or question here, find us on Facebook and Twitter @EWTN, or email Alyssa directly:! Our conversation is a two-way street and we want to make sure you’re part of the dialogue and discussion!

All of our listeners are in our prayers but should you have any special prayer requests or intentions, don’t hesitate to share with us! Please keep the Morning Glory team in your prayers as well!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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