Join us on the EWTN airwaves tomorrow morning with Mark Shriver joining!

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Join us for Morning Glory tomorrow morning at 7am ET with the crew aboard including Gloria Purvis, Dr. Matthew Bunson filling in for Brian Patrick, producer Alyssa Murphy, and Father Dominic Legge back with us bringing his arsenal of Aquinas-intellect!

We’ll be discussing some big news today including a mistrial called in the trial for the SC police officer charged with shooting Walter Scott. In a show of symbolic firsts – Prime Minister Abe will be the first Prime Minister from Japan to visit Pearl Harbor–this after President Obama became the first president to visit Hiroshima. Both are sites of war and incredible loss of life more than seventy years ago – now the two leaders are speaking about the continued importance of diplomacy and the value of our two countries’ friendship.

Guests include New York Times bestselling author Mark Shriver discussing his new book Pilgrimage: My Search for the Real Pope Francis. Cardinal O’Malley calls it a ‘must-read.’ Mark K. Shriver weaves spiritual memoir with anecdotal biography. Despite the fact that Shriver never speaks a word with Francis, the Argentinia-born Jesuit whose charisma has captured a rare global attention and rekindled the faith of many a tepid Catholic, it’s the one more apt to stir the soul of its readers.

Makes sure to bring your coffee to the Morning Glory table tomorrow as we welcome Rob Evans aka The Donut Man! We’ll look at the inspiration behind his comedy, character, and quirky fun songs that bring out the child in all of us!

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Thanks for being part of the family–we’ll see you bright and early!

–Alyssa Murphy

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