Author Heather King joins Morning Glory tomorrow on Christmas and consumerism!

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Join us bright and early Wednesday morning on EWTN radio with Father Aquinas Guilbeau in with us discussing the amazing impact Newman centers are having on secular colleges and universities across the nation. We’ll also discuss Angela Merkel of Germany’s new stance on the burka – now calling for a ban ‘wherever legally possible.’ What does this mean for religious freedom – and is there the same outrage over Christians’ rights being stripped from them in our own country?…

In a culture sickened by materialism, gluttony and greed of all kinds, the Gospel’s call to live simply and to share abundantly is more pressing than ever. For many of us, voluntary poverty is an ideal. But to be voluntarily poor—as opposed to the pendulum swings of overspending, underearning and pathological self-deprivation that can dictate our lives—we have to be rich first: in trust and love, if not in money.

In Loaded: Money and the Spirituality of Enough, lawyer-turned-writer Heather King shares her own recovery around money as well as the stories of others who have worked to reverse self-defeating patterns and move on to a healthy, mindful relationship with money. In an approach that’s very much informed by Jesus’s many words on the subject, she offers simple, proactive and transformative steps you can take to heed the Gospel’s call in your own life. The language of Loaded will be familiar to those in recovery for addictions of various kinds, and easily accessible to those who aren’t. Wherever you fall on the spectrum between freedom and bondage around money, these stories and tools will help. And the underlying principles—clarity, honesty, the confluence of will and grace—apply in every area of our lives.

We’ll also be joined by Edward Pentin of EWTN’s National Catholic Register. As a Rome correspondent for over 13 years, Pentin is an expert on the papacy and the Holy See. He can give us the latest about the Holy Father including news released today about what scene the Pope has chosen for his Christmas card as well as how Italy is shaping up after Prime Minister Matteo Renzi stepping down after the referendum.

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‘See’ you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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