Morning Glory kicks off on EWTN airwaves with Dr. Chad Pecknold!

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Join us in the AM for Morning Glory as we discuss the biggest news stories of the day including the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling on Governor Fallin’s bill to make it necessary for all abortion clinics to have hospital-admitting privileges.. The Supreme Court called having a hospital plan as a back up a ‘guise’ to keep women from getting abortions. A very sad day indeed!

We’ll be joined by Professor of Theology and most recently–a professor on Twitter introducing the general public to a classic by Saint Augustine, City of God. We discuss this thousand page book and the gems it offers–and how social media is being used to help get important messages out to the masses. Professor Pecknold teaches at the Catholic University of America in the District of Columbia.

We’ll also hear from our favorite pro-life leader Marjorie Dannenfelser about what we might expect on issues of life from conception to natural death with the new Administration–very soon–to be at the helm. Marjorie was recently featured in the NY Times about a change in the public’s perception on issues of life.

We’re also blessed to have Dr. Janet Smith join us tomorrow to discuss her upcoming Truth and Love Conference. As co-editor of Living the Truth in Love, Dr. Smith has a wealth of knowledge to share. You won’t want to miss this lively discussion!

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‘See’ you bright and early!

Alyssa Murphy

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