Fun Morning Glory tomorrow with Courage International!

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Join us bright and early tomorrow morning as we welcome back our favorite high school chaplain, Father Bjorn Lundberg back with us tomorrow for his first show back this New Year! We’ll be discussing the full report released today by the Select Panel on Infant Lives–that examined the undercover videos captured by David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress!

Guests include Father Charles Sikorsky of Divine Mercy University discussing how we might keep hope alive and well as we enter into the New Year! We’ll also discuss how we can maintain, uphold, and sharpen our Catholic virtues within our own lives and community.

We’ll also learn all about EnCourage, a part of Courage International that works to help families suffering with children that might be going through same-sex attraction issues. Lisa and Chris join to tell us about the work they do as a couple helping parents and loved ones to cope, and therapy used to help the confused person during this trying time.

We were also blessed to have Rome Producer for EWTN’s News Nightly join Alyssa Murphy and Dr. Matthew Bunson in-studio today–so we get a view into life covering the Vatican – and what motivates her everyday with the strenuous schedule she maintains–and what Pope Francis has planned for the Epiphany!

We love to hear from you! Find us on Twitter @EWTN, email the show directly:, or leave a comment/question here!..

‘See’ you bright and early!

–Alyssa Murphy

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