Fun Monday Morning Glory with Jack Delac of FOCUS on SEEK 2017!

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Tune in bright and early to EWTN radio as we kick off the week with Monsignor Charles Pope back with us! We’ll discuss the scary shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport and the gruesome ISIS attack in Jerusalem! We’ll also get the latest on Congress’ move to defund Planned Parenthood under a Trump Administration!

Guests include Jack Delac, FOCUS missionary at the University of Memphis who just wrapped the 2017 SEEK conference. Over 13 thousand college students were in attendance including Jack, himself. We’ll get the latest on the themes and workshops–and all the hearts that were moved during this amazing annual event–this year–in San Antonio!

For Pro-Life Mondays, we have Mallory Quigley of the Susan B. Anthony List joining us to discuss what pro-life issues will move forward under the upcoming new Administration. Trump will be inaugurated January 20th along with pro-life champion, VP-elect Mike Pence! She can also tell us some new information on how many 2018 Senate candidates think Planned Parenthood should be defunded!

We also celebrate 50 years of catechesis with Catechist Magazine! Pat Gohn, Editor of the nationally distributed magazine will be with us discussing the Sacraments–and how educators, students, and parents can truly enrich their lives with these gifts given to us in our Catholic faith!

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See you bright and early!

–Alyssa Murphy

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