Sister Clare Hunter joins Morning Glory this week!

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We were blessed to have Sister Clare Hunter back with us today along with Father Bjorn Lundberg–an Arlington takeover!

We discussed beauty in art as we fight this culture of death with Dony MacManus! An artist who has worked on internationally renowned projects across the globe. We also learned all about Trinity Cafe with Ever Johnson–a project she and her husband started to talk Catholicism and aspects of the Faith with her community while sipping good coffee!

We’ve got a full show slated for tomorrow with Father Aquinas Guilbeau back with us! Sister Clare  speaks with her Mother General Shaun Vergauwen about founding her order and discerning one’s vocation in life. We also look at how schools are reacting to LGBT policies that are infringing on the privacy rights of students as young as 5!

Make sure to tune in! 7am ET on EWTN radio! Feel free to leave a comment or question here!

‘See’ you bright and early!

Alyssa Murphy

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