Fun Morning Glory with Leila Miller tomorrow on EWTN radio!

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Make sure to tune in bright and early as we take you through the day’s headlines with a Catholic perspective! We have Brian Patrick back tomorrow along with Monsignor Charles Pope!

Guests include Leila Miller, a wonderful mother and author out now with a new book on divorce called Primal Loss. She interviews many adults who grew up in divorced households and digs into the pain and grief some faced. In a culture and era where divorce isn’t even grimaced at, it’s a raw look at some of the emotions that plague children who face this dilemma.

We also chat with Dr. Grazie Christie about Fortnight for Freedom taking place right now! An initiative started by the USCCB, events marking religious freedom take place across the country.

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‘See’ you bright and early!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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