A Catholic Approach to Healthcare on Morning Glory!

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Tune in bright and early tomorrow morning with the Morning Glory team including our Godly Counsel, Father Thomas Petri joining us from Roma!

Guests include Louis Brown of CMF Curo on a Catholic approach to healthcare, injecting love and mercy into the care for life at all stages. Mary Vigil will also be with us who is assuming a new role with Christ Medicus Foundation. With the Senate vote this week on the new bill, this is a very important issue that deserves much discussion!

With some big news from the Supreme Court today, we talk with Elizabeth Slattery of Heritage about a win for religious liberty!

Finally, we have Alan Holdren who typically joins from Rome. He’s in DC for a summer break and will be able to shed light on a sad disappearance of a Chinese Bishop. With many Catholics and Christians being persecuted for their faith, Alan will unpack the fate of the Bishop and what we might do to help. The Holy See today is asking for prayers for the safe return of Bishop Shao! Read more about it at ewtnnews.com!

Our conversation is always a two way street. Find us on Facebook, tweet to the show directly by using @EWTN, or comment here! We love to hear questions and ideas from our listeners!

We hope you’ll wake up with us!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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