101 Places to Pray with Tom Craughwell tomorrow at 7am ET!

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Make sure to tune in for Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET! Monsignor Charles Pope will be with us as our spiritual sidekick AND guest as we explore the landscape of divorce and Catholic annulments, reaping from his vast knowledge and experience dealing with the subject.

We’ll also learn more about our new International Ambassador for Religious Freedom Sam Brownback with Maureen Ferguson of The Catholic Association. Brownback converted to Catholicism through a chance encounter with Blessed Mother Teresa and understands the importance of freedom especially with one’s faith.

And pilgrimages you can take in our country alone, we talk with Thomas Craughwell about 101 Places to Pray Before You Die, a new book out now on Franciscan Media. The book has at least 6 places to visit per state, each one offering a whimsical and holy experience.

Make sure to join the conversation by joining us on Twitter @EWTN, Facebook, and emailing the show directly: MorningGlory@EWTN.com!

See you bright and early!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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