Fun Morning Glory with Dony MacManus talking Sacred Art!

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Make sure to tune in bright and early for Morning Glory with Father Dominic Legge back with us after his summer travels! We’ll be discussing the President’s speech last night on the situation in Afghanistan and also sharing reflections about the solar eclipse!

Guests include Dony MacManus, an artist from Ireland that is currently teaching a class on Sacred Art at the National Gallery of Art. We’ll discuss liturgical paintings and the role of art in our faith.

We’ll also chat with Siraj Hashmi about a new poll showing the perspective of millennials regarding Confederate statues. Should they be taken down or are they landmarks telling the story of our history?…

We’ll also celebrate a special feast day with Rick Rotondi who works with Saint Benedict Press and has recently co-authored a book: Queen of Heaven: Mary’s Battle to Save Souls!

Please find us on Facebook, via Twitter @EWTN, and leave a comment here–we love to hear from you!

See you bright and early!

God bless–Alyssa Murphy

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