Jeanne Mancini joins Morning Glory 7am ET on EWTN radio!

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Make sure to wake up with us on a Wednesday edition of Morning Glory with Father Thomas Petri back with us! We’ll be discussing all the latest news plus take a look at the life of Michigan nun who died in a hit-n-run accident–we look at her life of faith!

We’ll go LIVE to Roma with Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register on the latest from the Vatican including Cardinal Pietro Parolin’s recent travels, and also hear about an Archbishop defending Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia, given the recent criticism.

Many students are heading back to school this week–especially college kids! We’ll talk with Maribeth Harper about how parents can cope during this difficult time, taking a look at her recent book, And So We Pray 2..

Our good friend Jeanne Mancini will also join us to talk about the devastating CBS News report about Iceland aborting ALL babies with Down Syndrome. She will also tell us all about the next March for Life slated for January of 2018, just around the corner!

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See you bright and early!

Alyssa Murphy

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