Join us 7am ET on EWTN radio! Amy McInerny talks Pain-Capable Bill!

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Tune in as we kick off your morning discussing the main headlines of the day all with a Catholic perspective. As we still are digesting the sad reality of Sunday night in Las Vegas, we’ll have Father Dominic Legge with us from the Dominican House of Studies with some Godly Counsel on how to make sense of these tragedies, now being called the deadliest shooting in American history.

We’ll also talk to Amy McInerny who heads Human Life Action about the chances of the House passing the Pain-Capable Bill today. Representative Trent Franks is the lead sponsor of the measure which proposes a ban on abortions starting at 20 weeks after fertilization, about the time doctors have determined that an unborn baby can feel pain. The bill comes to the House floor today. Visit for more information.

We also get a look at the Supreme Court cases with Elizabeth Slattery of the Heritage Foundation. The case around the baker who refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding  will be presented. Other cases focus on free speech, government overreach, and privacy.

We  also have Father Athanasius Murphy joining us to discuss the Rosary! As the Promoter of the Rosary for the Eastern OP province, he is “in charge” of the Rosary Confraternity,  an international association of the faithful that traces its origin back to the 1470s, and which still exists. It was reorganized into its present form by Pope Leo XIII in 1870, and is a recognized entity under the current Code of Canon Law, guided by a “promoter” who is a Dominican priest.
Fr. Athanasius will talk about the rosary, and how people can join the confraternity, the spiritual benefits that come from this, and even how to form a chapter of the Rosary Confraternity in their local parish.
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