Join us for Morning Glory 7am ET on EWTN radio with David Naglieri on JPII!


Tune in bright and early for Morning Glory as we discuss the day’s top stories with Father Dominic Legge fresh back from his trip teaching Thomistic thought to college students across the nation. We’ll delve into if and when the Senate might finally sign the Pain-Capable Bill, putting the much needed legislation on the desk of President Trump–who has vowed to sign it! At 5 months, doctors can tell that babies feel pain in the womb!

We’ll talk with Dr. Karen Poehailos about the great work being done at crisis pregnancy centers in Central Virginia. She works extensively in FertilityCare and NFP. She shares what pregnancy centers are doing in Virginia and what we might be able to do to help the important work these organizations are doing across the country.

After Trump’s powerful speech to the Values Voter Summit over the weekend, he follows this up with a rare opportunity to address the Heritage Foundation members tomorrow night. We’ll get a preview of the speech with Adam Michel who can also gives us a sneak preview of the president’s tax reform plan.

A new documentary produced in partnership with the Knights of Columbus just won a deal to be broadcast on ABC-affiliated networks during the month of November. Narrated by Andy Garcia, we’ll talk with the movie’s producer, David Naglieri, about the rare footage of Pope John Paul the Second – seen in the documentary – and explore how this now Saint has influenced the Church – especially Millennials!

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‘See’ you bright and early!

-Alyssa Murphy


2 thoughts on “Join us for Morning Glory 7am ET on EWTN radio with David Naglieri on JPII!

  1. Thank you for having Dr. Karen Poehailos on this morning! I usually listen to the show when I drive our son to Charlottesville Catholic School, but today, we listened to 60s music instead :(. After I dropped him off, I turned back to EWTN to hear the end of the conversation with Dr. Poehailos (my doctor and friend, btw). And, I heard a plug for The Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia for which I serve on its board of directors. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting people know the great things that happen at pregnancy resource centers! We are actually more pro-woman and pro-choice than those who claim to be, because we believe in the strength of women to make the right decision when she is given ALL of her options in a confidential and non-judgmental space. And we couldn’t do it without the support of generous donors; all of our services are free of charge to our clients, and we receive no financial support from any government.

    I won’t miss Morning Glory on my morning commute–the music can wait! 🙂 God bless!!!


  2. I was listening to your morning program only briefly and find your blind trust and faith in the president and the republican party disheartening, the whole of Catholic teachings calls us to not blindly follow a specific political party; notably when that party is eroding protections for the least among us. The discussion on tax cuts is an example of how your program blindly follows the conservative party in the U.S. at the expenses of Catholic social teachings instead of having a discussion of social responsibility to the other your discussion was on the failed belief of supple side economic which negatively affects the vulnerable populations. please remember that the love of Christ can not fit into the GOP and attempting to continuity support that party diminishes the great teaching of the church. the love of Christ also can not fit into the Democratic party and as Catholics we must examine each issue that is before our country.

    David M. Klacik


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