Shawn Carney of 40 Days joins Morning Glory tomorrow!

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Make sure to join us Monday at 7am ET as we kick off another week with our dear Monsignor Charles Pope in-studio with us! We’ll discuss the day’s headlines as well as some very strong words in defense of Humana Vitae at a pro-life conference in Rome over the weekend.

Guests include Shawn Carney, President of 40 Days for Life. The annual campaign ends this upcoming November 5th – so this is the last week to take part in the festivities protecting the unborn! We’ll get a look at how the events have gone thus far and see how you might be able to participate before things culminate this next weekend.

Religious freedom is under attack in the state of New York as a firefighter for the city of Utica is being asked to deny his own conscience and beliefs as a Nazirite. He is being forced to cut his hair and First Libery Institute is on the case. Attorney Roger Byron joins us to talk about the importance of this case and why the freedom of religion MUST be protected.

Tuesday marks 500 years since the Protestant Reformation. We’ll talk with CUA Professor Dr. Jay Richards about why Catholics and Protestants should focus on what unites us, not divides us as we look back at our own faith. Also the executive director of The Stream, Dr. Richards pulls from his own experiences working with all members of the Christian faith – and what we can learn from each other.

Our conversation is a two-way street! We love to hear from you! Find us on Facebook and Twitter, or leave a comment or question right here – and we’ll make sure to share on-air!

‘See’ you bright and early!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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