Fun Monday Morning Glory with Father Thomas Petri!


Tune in bright and early to start your week off right on EWTN radio! We’re blessed to have our fave Father Thomas Petri with us as Monsignor Charles Pope is traveling on pilgrimage. Father Petri will be leaving for Fatima on Friday for his own personal pilgrimage – so we’re happy to have a double-dose this week!

MUCH news to discuss including the fate of the Bladensburg cross as we just celebrated Veterans Day this weekend. First Liberty is on the case and attorney Roger Byron will be joining us with the latest..

We’ll also speak with Sohrab Ahmari of Commentary Magazine on an enlightening look at Euthanasia and the culture of death that is becoming SO widespread in Europe and in parts of the US. We’ll look at a specific case of a 64- year old mother of two that was euthanized strictly because she was ‘depressed.’

And with new rules for the HHS, we talk with Bradley Hahn, CEO of Solidarity Healthshare about what the new rule means and how best to make sure health care coverage stays in-line with one’s conscience – all on a fun Monday edition of Morning Glory!

Our conversation is a two-way street! Make sure to leave a comment or question and we’ll integrate your thoughts into our discussion!

‘See’ you bright and early!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

2 thoughts on “Fun Monday Morning Glory with Father Thomas Petri!

  1. I am Thankful for everyone at EWTN who along with my parish priests provide continuous teaching on how close Jesus and God’s world is to me because I can hear and learn so much from all of the people on EWTN and in my local parishes.

    Thank You!

    South Bend IN


  2. Hello, I have a request. When the Priest (the Godly counsel) offers up the prayers, can the Priest first say, In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit please? i notice the Priest does not do that when they offer the prayers. Thank you, Jeff


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