Shawn Carney joins Morning Glory to talk March for Life UK!…

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Morning Glory kicks off a new week with Monsignor Charles Pope, Dr. Matthew Bunson, and Elizabeth Ficocelli! We discuss a new study showing millennials ‘waiting’ as opposed to promiscuous behavior. Elizabeth polled her millennial son who says he thinks its the fear of rejection that is helping young men wait. Monsignor adds a moral compass to the conversation, pointing to the hyper-sexualized culture we now live in.

The best and the worst of Catholic higher education are once again on public display, as America’s Catholic colleges announce their spring commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients. As many Catholic colleges have chosen to honor individuals who publicly oppose the Church’s moral teachings, Patrick Reilly of Cardinal Newman Society tells us this choice risks confusion and scandal—a direct contradiction to the mission of Catholic colleges. It does great harm to the unity of the Church and endangers the souls of the faithful. The Cardinal Newman Society has catalogued the ‘best and worst’ of the commencement season with a look at some of the greatest picks–and ones that might need more discernment. Check out the list HERE

And finally Shawn Carney, President of 40 Days for Life joined to share his thoughts on the March for Life UK this past weekend. With thousands joining in London, we discussed the pro-life movement–and why it may have taken awhile for Europe to join in.. See his work at!



Alyssa Murphy


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