Derya Little’s Conversion Story 5/8/17


Morning Glory discusses ‘free-range’ parenting with Elizabeth Ficocelli and Father Bryce Sibley! Guests include Edward Pentin on all thing Vatican from the National Catholic Register, Claire Chretien on Iowa passing the heartbeat bill, and we talk to Derya Little about her powerful story of conversion–all on a fun Tuesday edition of Morning Glory!



2 thoughts on “Derya Little’s Conversion Story 5/8/17

  1. I was listening to coverage of Met Art Gala as well as the News coverage last evening and was dismayed that EWTN missed half of the story. Go listen to Al Kresta’s interview with John Hale who had helped coordinate,, the tour for more insight about this Gala yesterday. You focused on a small percentage of costumes of a few of the attendants like the secular news venue rather than seeking out the positive effects of the art and the choir. Nowhere did you mention the surprise visit of the Sistine Chapel Choir. As your negativity shaped how your listeners thought of this event without viewing how Pope Francis asks us to reach the lost.


  2. This morning (5/21/18 @ 7:45) Gloria had a women on speaking about fostering who said that the Catholic church needs to have a truce with the foster system when it comes to same sex couples adopting. This is ludicrous. Like a child is better off in a same sex couple family??? I think not. Sure, buckle now and I guarantee it will become the norm with no going back for the church.


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