Morning Glory discusses ‘Making Room for God’ with Mary Elizabeth Sperry!

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Morning Glory is blessed to have Father Patrick Mary with us discussing 25 years of the priesthood for our Father Joseph Mary Wolfe! Father started as an engineer for Mother Angelica–only to then become a priest in her order! Fascinating story!

Guests include Dr. Terrence Wright on Dorothy Day. Since her death in 1980, Day continues to serve as a model of Christian love and commitment. She recognized Christ in the less fortunate and understood that to be a servant of these least among us is to be a servant of God. Find the book at

Doug Eldridge of DLE Agency joins with the FIFA World Cup kicking off today. The US team did not make it into the competition this year but Russia and Saudi Arabia play the first game this morning! Find out more about Doug here

We are in our final week of Spring–so there’s still time for some cleaning.. Mary Elizabeth Sperry of the USCCB joins to talk about de-cluttering with her new book, ‘Making Room for God.’ Learn more about Elizabeth by visiting here.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow as we celebrate Father’s Day! If you have a special message for your dad, feel free to leave here!

Have a blessed day!


Alyssa Murphy

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