Executive Producer Eric Groth joins Morning Glory tomorrow as ‘Paul The Apostle’ comes out on DVD!

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Join us for Morning Glory tomorrow morning on EWTN radio! We’ll be talking with executive director Eric Groth about his movie, PAUL THE APOSTLE, featuring Jim Caviezel–it was in theatres a few months ago–but comes out on DVD tomorrow!

Morning Glory kicked off your Monday with Monsignor Charles Pope expressing his thoughts on immigration as the House begins to debate two bills this week. We check in with Ashley Feasley of the USCCB on the Bishops’ response to this issue. Dr. Matthew Bunson brings his thoughts on the powerful words by Pope Francis over the weekend likening abortion to Nazi eugenics–especially in terms of killing babies in the womb that have disabilities.. And we end chatting with Rico McCahon all about the Catholic Family Handbook!

Feel free to share thoughts, questions, comments here! We look forward to hearing from you!


Alyssa Murphy

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