Kicking off USCCB’s Religious Freedom Week with Archbishop Kurtz!

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Morning Glory is joined by a good friend–Father Vincent De Rosa back with us today discussing parish life and the news of Cardinal McCarrick. Father was one of our original ‘spiritual sidekicks’ and we’re happy to have him back!

Guests include Dr. Grazie Christie on how stripping away Title X Funding from Planned Parenthood is imperative to womens’ health. In a recent piece in Real Clear Politics, Grazie writes: “women will find better care at happier clinics that don’t boast giant revenues and profits…That’s a big win not just for taxpayers, but more importantly, for the women these funds are intended to help in the first place…” We also talk with the policy advisor to the Catholic Association about this trend of normalizing assisted suicide–and the dangers this creates. Check out Grazie’s video here

President of 40 Days for Life is out with a new book! Author Shawn Carney takes you on a heartfelt journey to the darkest corners of our culture to share what many don t see hope. These 40 powerful stories include: The Right Wrong Number. A young pregnant woman in Texas tried to call Planned Parenthood to schedule an abortion but what unfolded saved her baby s life. Faith Stronger Than Cancer How a deacon saved lives and ended abortion in his community while fighting for his own. The Beginning of the End of Abortion can serve as your devotional guide, with one story, scripture and devotional thought every day for forty days. Abortion is ending…..and God can use you in what He is doing. Check out for more information.

As the US Bishops kick off Religious Freedom Week tomorrow, His Excellency Archbishop Kurtz joins us with a look at some of the opportunities for us all to participate. Each day offers a new video–the first featuring Bishop Burbidge of Arlington. Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, who chairs the religious freedom committee, concludes the video series by appealing to viewers “to pray that we might continue to take steps to make room within our culture for the exercise of religious freedom” and “to use that religious freedom in the public square well.” Learn more about the week and how you can participate by visiting this website.

Make sure to catch Morning Glory every weekday at 7am ET. We love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment, question, or thought–and we’ll share on-air!


Alyssa Murphy

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