Summer Sacred Music Series on EWTN radio!

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We kicked off our summer Sacred Music series on EWTN radio this morning! Running throughout the entire month of July on Morning Glory, catch stories from cantors, pianists, and composers on this sacred tradition! We kicked off things this morning with a trained cantor, Adrianne Price, discussing the role of sacred music within liturgy–and her amazing healing story with the help of St. Blaise! Check out more info about Adrianne here

As we await President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court tonight, we also caught up with our good friend, Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network. All of the 4 nominees still on Trump’s list ARE pro-life! The Susan B. Anthony List has been working diligently to make sure LIFE is protected by the next nominated justice. As Carrie said this morning, “This is a fight worth having…”  You can find out more about the great work of the Judicial Crisis Network by visiting this link

We are blessed with our dear Monsignor Charles Pope EVERY Monday–taking us into a new week with a fresh Catholic perspective. With his infectious laugh and wise outlook on the world and our suffering hearts, Monsignor shared his thoughts on the being a good homilist-but also the role we, as parishioners play in MAKING it even more on fire.. Check out Monsignor’s blog daily here.

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Alyssa Murphy

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