Morning Glory gets a sneak peek of The Apparition with Michael O’Neill!

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On a fun Monday edition of Morning Glory, we’re joined by Monsignor Charles Pope discussing this new crazy phenomenon of teenagers going to extremes to achieve a ‘perfect look’ – fueled by this fascination with Snapchat! A new phenomenon, dubbed ‘Snapchat dysmorphia,’ has patients seeking out cosmetic surgery to look like filtered versions of themselves…with fuller lips, bigger eyes, or a thinner nose. Among Snapchat’s more popular features are its facial filters, which change users’ appearance in a phone camera. New filters are offered regularly. Some change a person’s face to look like animals, superheroes, or inanimate objects. Others create a more subtle, modified version of the users themselves – smoothing their skin, whitening their teeth, narrowing their face, enhancing their lips and eyes.

We also get a sneak peek of The Apparition, a new movie coming out in September. Miracle Hunter Michael O’Neill joins to discuss the French film.  Check out the trailer here

Make sure to find us tune in tomorrow as we talk with Bill Donaghy all about a new 30 day challenge for men called RISE.


Alyssa Murphy                                                                                                                                 @alyssamurphy


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