Morning Glory talks with Jim Coleman about Tolton: From Slave to Priest–on EWTN radio!

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Morning Glory kicks off your Wednesday morning with Father Vincent De Rosa with a beautiful reflection on the human heart as we celebrate the Queenship of our Blessed Virgin Mary! We talk with Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online about a thoughtful correlation she made between our dear Bishops and birth mothers who give up their child for adoption. Kathryn writes:

“In the Catholic Church, we call priests “Father.” We believe that a father has devoted his life to God, to be literally another Christ. It’s not Father So-and-So you go to for Confession, it’s Christ who hears it through his ministry. And so, he is expected to gaze into the eyes of the faithful as God would, as those children He so loves. When a child is harmed in the most intimate and heinous ways by a priest, it is an incestuous evil. In the case of the man formally known as Cardinal McCarrick, he allegedly preyed on the first child who was ever baptized by his hand. And that does not even begin to touch on the heinous sacrileges described in the grand jury report.”

You can read her full work here

We end the show talking with actor Jim Coleman and a beautiful live theatre production of the life of now Servant of God, Father Augustus Tolton! Created by St. Luke Productions, Coleman is excited and honored to be playing the role of Father Tolton. Prior to his acting career, he served in the US Army as a medic. Having appeared in more than 50 national commercials, Jim is best known for his role of Roger Parker in the hit Nickelodeon show My Brother and Me.

“Father Tolton’s story needs to be told,” says Jim. “As a black man, this very important part of history is something that I want the world to hear about. I truly feel blessed to be the one to share Father Augustus Tolton with all who will listen!”

Find out more about the production by visiting

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