Morning Glory goes to the movies with Steven Greydanus!

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We kick off the weekend early tomorrow with a look at some holiday movies with our favorite film critic! Steven Greydanus will join us with a look at The Grinch currently in theaters now–being so thus inspired by the film, Steven tries speaking ‘Seussian’:

‘So I’m happy to state, though my praise may be faint-ish,
My critical heart is more pleased than complaint-ish.
The Tinsels have managed to Seuss out this one
And it’s decent, good-hearted, forgettable fun.’

Make sure to check out all of his great movie reviews at

We also round out the last day of November tomorrow with a look at the season of Advent with Father Tom Ferguson. Joining us from the Arlington Diocese, Father Tom is the pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church near Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Virginia.

This month is also National Foster Care Month–we talk with Andrea Picciotti-Bayer about the fate of faith-based adoption as Catholic Services of Philadelphia are still under attack. Andrea shares stories of real Catholic laity making a difference for children in need. She says restrictions targeting Catholic entities like Catholic Social Services in Philadelphia not only violate their right to religious freedom, but are a dangerous disservice to needy youth. Follow all of Andrea’s great work at

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