3 thoughts on “MORNING GLORY TEAM

  1. It is Monday, January 13, 2019, a very snowy day in Quincy IL. Congratulations to the addition of Deacon Harold Burke- Sivers. His comment regarding the immigrant situation was made through hands-on experience. I would like to see this knowledge and experience, through the eyes of a faithful Catholic, provide listeners with actual and true reporting. Morning Glory programming provides listeners with useful, thoughtful, as well as provocative information.


  2. Here in ND we look at this compassion that the abortion culture has as a false compassion. True love and compassion is to accompany someone through their suffering or agony, not erase it so it is easy.


  3. I am overjoyed at hearing Deacon Harold on MG! My first real exposure to him was at the Lansing MI diocese’s “Made for Happiness” diocesan assembly last September and am grateful that God has inspired this man to share such wisdom and humor and love of the faith. May God continue to bless MG with the message of the Gospel and may it grow and reach many many more for the love of Christ. I thank you for helping us (listeners) live our faith more boldly and more accurately according to Church teaching. Thanks be to God!


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