January 23rd, 2019- The Pope’s trip to Panama!


Morning Glory joined by Father Vincent De Rosa today as we discuss where DOES your donation money go within your parish–we also look at the media’s recent attack on Second Lady Karen Pence–and the VP’s defense of his wife working at a Christian school.. Deacon Harold also gives us some great advice on examining one’s conscience–all on a fun Wednesday edition of Morning Glory!

4 thoughts on “January 23rd, 2019- The Pope’s trip to Panama!

  1. podcasts for Morning GLory stopped showing up on my Apple podcast app Jan 10. How can I get the latest episodes on my Apple podcast app? Thank you!


  2. I enjoy listening to your show in the morning as I drive my children to school. However, for the past couple of weeks I’ve missed the presence of the gospel reading for the day that used to happen just before the Gloria at the end of the show. In our rush out the door, there were days when that brief gospel reading, priestly reflection and Gloria provided between 7:53 and 7:57 was our family’s only pause for spiritual reflection in the new day. I hope you’ll consider returning that element of your program to it’s previous place. Thank you.


  3. I love your show; I listen to it on the way to work and am inspired daily. But I want to offer a contrary thought on the New York abortion matter and the issue of excommunication. I understand why a Bishop would prudentially choose not to excommunicate a politician who celebrates the atrocity that is the New York abortion law, at least not at this time. In his quest to discourage souls from seeking the Church, the devil has set a trap. Social media alone would be devastating. Imagine memes like: “A priest gets caught abusing minors and gets reassigned. A person defends a woman’s right to control her own body and gets excommunicated.” One can add, “It doesn’t take a genius to know what’s important to the Catholic Church.”

    Granted, it’s far more complicated than this, but at best it looks like the Church is picking sides when it comes to mortal sins. This is all nonsense, of course, but in a 20 second world, it can be extremely effective. In my opinion, we live in a post-Christian world and prudence is more complicated than it used to be. Souls are at stake no matter what the Bishops do. In the wake of the sex abuse scandal, the prudential considerations made by a Bishop are harder for me to judge.

    I enjoy Monsignor Pope. Even if you don’t read this on the air, I would appreciate if you would send it to him.

    God bless, Michael.


  4. My comment about children in church…I love seeing children in mass! Our pastor welcomes children and their families. That being said, after about 40 minutes, you will find the narthex filled with moms and dads and active toddlers who have had enough of sitting still. But the mass is piped into the narthex and extraordinary ministers will bring communion to all standing in the narthex also.


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