Morning Glory 032719 – Memories with Mother Angelica

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Morning Glory discusses the pro-life Mexico City policy and the sad fact that many Catholic countries in the Organization of American states advocate for abortion. We also share our personal reflections on EWTN foundress , Mother Angelica, on this 3rd anniversary of her passing. We continue our Lenten Series review of Introduction to the Devout Life by delving into making a general confession. Our sins, if we are humble, will be infinitely offensive to us since God is offended by them while to accuse ourselves of our sins becomes sweet and pleasant since God is thereby honored. We discuss taking Catholicism to the streets. When the Deacon kicks us out of the Holy Mass, we are charged with spreading the Gospel. We also discuss balancing our wonder and awe of God. We shouldn’t trivialize Him or turn Him into an angry despot. Of course we also touch on the Gospel and listener emails.

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