Morning Glory 040319 – Catholic Layover

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Morning Glory discusses spiritual workouts: the morning and evening exercises and the examination of conscience, we also delve into the 4 proofs Jesus gave of His own divinity and some common erroneous arguments against His divinity, and we talk about the Catholic layover – Purgatory. What is it? Why does it exist? What happens if I go there? We also continue our Lenten Series discussion on Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis De Sales and will take your emails as well. Join us for Morning Glory!

One thought on “Morning Glory 040319 – Catholic Layover

  1. Hello, my position on the Death Penalty, is the same as St. Pope John Paul’s. Only God, can take life as he created it! AADP, in Alaska is against the death penalty! St.JP2, said; if we allow a person to repent, then reconcile at their death, but do not allow a person with this death sentence a chance at redemption! Too! Who is the sinner! Retributive Justice is an eye for an eye! Hate plus hate equals hate! In Jesus, it’s love vs submission! That’s how he conquered this world! Also, With truth comes justice, forgiveness, peace! 1st Corinthians 13, says, nothing, nothing is greater than love! TBTG


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