Morning Glory 041119 – Kneeling at Mass

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The Morning Glory team chats about Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s thoughts on the sexual abuse crisis facing the Church, and how the Church should respond, plus a DC neighborhood spat over GoGo music and cultures, why Roman Catholics kneel at the Holy Mass, and our continuing series on Introduction to the Devout Life; how to hear the Word of God.

One thought on “Morning Glory 041119 – Kneeling at Mass

  1. Hi there, I’m from El Salvador but live in Belgium for a while. So, here, people don’t even STAND while the consecration!!!! My son was preparing to do his first communion this year, they went to mass and at the moment of the consecration he immediately knelt, so the ‘teacher’ came and asked him to sit back. In brief, he’s not doing his communion this year, we will prepare him for next year. We continue to kneel at the moment of consecration not only for respect but for love to HIM and His real presence in the host.
    God bless you all, please pray for us as we continue to pray for you.


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