Morning Glory 041719 – Humility isn’t Humiliating!

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Welcome to Holy Week! Join the Morning Glory crew on this Holy Wednesday as they discuss, humility isn’t humiliating, Spy Wednesday, and an unlikely Saint who was transformed from a sinner on death row. That is all coming up on this Episode of Morning Glory! You can join the conversation too, email us MORNINGGLORY@EWTN.COM

One thought on “Morning Glory 041719 – Humility isn’t Humiliating!

  1. Good morning,
    I must e-mail to say that I love your new format. I retired in October and have recently picked-up a two-day a week position, so I once again have the opportunity to tune-in on my 55-minute drive. Though I always enjoyed listening-in, the program always seemed so structured and rushed to squeeze everything in, it really lacked spontaneity. However, not so any longer! Love the personalities and the lively and pertinent conversation — thank you!
    Blessings in this Holy Easter Season to all of you!
    Janice Montgomery


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