Morning Glory 08/04/20 – St. John Vianney

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Tuesday on MorningGlory, #StJohnVianney, the difference between a #bully and a critic, and what is the relationship between women and the #priesthood? Join the conversation, email us at MORNINGGLORY@EWTN.COM or Text the Letters ‘EWTN’ to 55000, wait for a response and then tell us your first name, how you are listening, and your comment. #Catholicism #Christianity #Jesus

One thought on “Morning Glory 08/04/20 – St. John Vianney

  1. Interesting point on 8/4/20 show about distinguishing between a critic and a bully in a conversation. It’d be interesting to develop the idea and take it further to what to do when you’re trying in good faith to be the critic and the other person is clearly the bully. The critic always seems to get drowned out or shamed down . How does the critic keep their place in a conversation with a bully? Could there be creative ways for a critic to re-orient the conversation? Is that even possible when you’re conversing with a bully? It sometimes seems that the only thing to do with a bully is punch them in the nose. Not exactly the Catholic response. Any thoughts?


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