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March 7 2019 – Banning True Speech About Biological Sex

Topics for today’s MORNING GLORY include:
• How Tech Giants are Banning True Speech About Biological Sex
• St. Philip’s three mortifications, which we can practice during Lent
• The First Steps Toward True Devotion – Confession, Purgation, Meditation


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March 6 2019 – Are Your Ashes for Real or for Play?

Morning Glory talks about the tug of war between NY and IL over Ven Fulton Sheen. Monsignor Pope asks if your ashes today are for real or for play. Gloria Purvis starts our Lenten discussion on Introduction to The Devout Life and Deacon Harold implores you to stop leaving Mass right after communion. Of course, we discuss listener feedback and the Gospel.

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March 5, 2019 – Fat Tuesday & Fish Sandwiches

Morning Glory discussed Fat Tuesday, fasting and fast food fish sandwiches! What is the difference between fasting and abstinence anyway? We answered that question as well as the question of if Our Lord had homosexual tendencies or lusted after women. We also discussed why evangelization seems to be failing 21st century people and how St. Joseph is your homeboy for Lent and always. Of course, we discussed today’s Gospel and listener feedback.

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March 4, 2019 – Lent, Led Zeppelin & Confession

Today the Morning Glory team talked about Lent, Led Zeppelin, American Girl, and confession. The team looked at the Sunday readings and talked about sins of speech. The team also discussed the problem of workism and God’s original plan for work. Lastly pornography is not the only danger online. The team dissected the problem of evil content being spliced into videos meant for kids on YouTube. Parents beware and of course we discussed the Gospel and listener feedback.

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Feb. 26, 2019 – Born Alive Act

It’s an ‘always fun’ with Father Bjorn Lundberg Tuesday! Morning Glory discusses California’s attempt to make priests break the seal of confession with Deacon Harold Burke Sivers.. We also discuss the new Protect Life Rule that just passed–and look at the Senate’s inability to pass the Born-Alive Act last night–and we also talk the moral consequences of plagiarism–all on a fun Tuesday edition of Morning Glory!