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The Probability of Humanity

Join us as we go Catholic from coast to coast on today’s Morning Glory! Today, Gloria Purvis, Msgr Charles Pope, and Dr Matthew Bunson tackle topics: What does the Church teach about interracial marriage? What is Mary Salus Populi, and The Probability of Humanity (How improbable it is we are even here!) All this and more on EWTN Radio’s Morning Glory!


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Did Jesus Ever Tell A Joke??

Join us as we go Catholic from coast to coast on Friday’s Morning Glory with Gloria Purvis, Monsignor Charles Pope and Dr Matthew Bunson! On today’s show, Monsignor Pope addresses the question, “did Jesus ever tell a joke?” Also, we examine the triumph at the cross and the crucial pastoral line of defense for domestic violence against women. All this and more on EWTN Radio’s Morning Glory!

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How Do You Defend Religious Liberty?

#MorningGlory, #Catholic from coast to coast with Gloria Purvis, #Monsignor Charles Pope, and Doctor Greg Popcak. Wednesday on Morning Glory, how do you #defend #religious #liberties, a tasty way to #celebrate Our Lady and win Your #victories, and are you tired of people not taking you seriously, we have some tips on how you can be heard. Join the conversation, email us MORNINGGLORY@EWTN.COM #IWatchEWTN

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March 5, 2019 – Fat Tuesday & Fish Sandwiches

Morning Glory discussed Fat Tuesday, fasting and fast food fish sandwiches! What is the difference between fasting and abstinence anyway? We answered that question as well as the question of if Our Lord had homosexual tendencies or lusted after women. We also discussed why evangelization seems to be failing 21st century people and how St. Joseph is your homeboy for Lent and always. Of course, we discussed today’s Gospel and listener feedback.