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Mary McClusky of Project Rachel joins Morning Glory tomorrow!

We have a fun Thursday edition of Morning Glory upon us with Father Bjorn Lundberg back with us! We’ll discuss parish life in Winchester and best ways to prepare your kids for heading back to school!

We’ll also explore the trauma of abortion with Mary McClusky of Project Rachel. Listening and telling the stories of women suffering from abortion is crucial to healing, Mary says. We’ll also talk about the graces that come from the Sacrament of confession!

The USCCB formed a new ad hoc committee today to address the ‘sin of racism’ and ways to combat it.. We’ll talk with Bishop George Murry of Youngstown, Ohio about this new effort as he’s chairing the committee.. Learn more at http://www.USCCB.org

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Alyssa Murphy


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Jeanne Mancini joins Morning Glory 7am ET on EWTN radio!

Make sure to wake up with us on a Wednesday edition of Morning Glory with Father Thomas Petri back with us! We’ll be discussing all the latest news plus take a look at the life of Michigan nun who died in a hit-n-run accident–we look at her life of faith!

We’ll go LIVE to Roma with Edward Pentin of the National Catholic Register on the latest from the Vatican including Cardinal Pietro Parolin’s recent travels, and also hear about an Archbishop defending Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia, given the recent criticism.

Many students are heading back to school this week–especially college kids! We’ll talk with Maribeth Harper about how parents can cope during this difficult time, taking a look at her recent book, And So We Pray 2..

Our good friend Jeanne Mancini will also join us to talk about the devastating CBS News report about Iceland aborting ALL babies with Down Syndrome. She will also tell us all about the next March for Life slated for January of 2018, just around the corner!

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See you bright and early!

Alyssa Murphy

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Fun Morning Glory with Dony MacManus talking Sacred Art!

Make sure to tune in bright and early for Morning Glory with Father Dominic Legge back with us after his summer travels! We’ll be discussing the President’s speech last night on the situation in Afghanistan and also sharing reflections about the solar eclipse!

Guests include Dony MacManus, an artist from Ireland that is currently teaching a class on Sacred Art at the National Gallery of Art. We’ll discuss liturgical paintings and the role of art in our faith.

We’ll also chat with Siraj Hashmi about a new poll showing the perspective of millennials regarding Confederate statues. Should they be taken down or are they landmarks telling the story of our history?…

We’ll also celebrate a special feast day with Rick Rotondi who works with Saint Benedict Press and has recently co-authored a book: Queen of Heaven: Mary’s Battle to Save Souls!

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See you bright and early!

God bless–Alyssa Murphy

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Morning Glory covers all social issues this week on EWTN radio!

Make sure to start your day off right with the Morning Glory crew! This week, we’ve talked with Dr. Peter Kleponis about the problem of pornography and the Catholic approach to helping those struggling with this addiction. We also learned all about a great conference taking place this weekend for those recovering from divorce and seeking annulment. And with Marcellus Williams scheduled to be executed in Missouri in a couple of weeks, Alexandra Carroll of the Catholics Mobilizing Network joined to share what they’re doing to end the death penalty.

This morning, we had the awesome opportunity of finally have Father Ed Bresnahan join us as our spiritual sidekick or Godly Counsel. Serving as high school chaplain to Bishop Ireton High School, he is a celebrity around the DC area, working with so many students and alumni–and parents of these incredible students!

Guests today included Maddy West of FOCUS, joining as Team Director to Louisiana State University this next academic year. She discussed the challenges of sharing the Catholic faith on a secular campus where many students aren’t Catholic–or consider themselves to be ‘spiritual’ and never religious. We also had the one and only Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life talking about the incredible opportunity she had to speak to interns on Capitol Hill–on both sides of the aisle–and the issues surrounding the pro-life movement.

The 135th Annual Knights of Columbus Convention is taking place in St. Louis, Missouri this week–Supreme Knight Carl Anderson just announced 2 million dollars being raised for Iraqi-Christians suffering under the hands of ISIS in the Nineveh Plain. Matt Hadro of our own Catholic News Agency joined us to give us a look at this latest news and more from the ground there in St. Louis!

Tomorrow, on a fabulous Friday edition of Morning Glory, we’ll have our ‘deep-fried’ Dominican Father Aquinas Guilbeau back with us! He’s been writing several articles for Aleteia.org including one on intercessory prayer! We’ll also be joined by Claire Chretien of LifeSiteNews on a baby that needs experimental treatment in Liverpool and his parents’ struggle–similar to the poor baby Charlie Gard! We’ll also get a snapshot of a Thomistic Institute conference taking place right now in Providence for parish priests discussing the best pastoral care for those nearing the end of their life.

Please find us on Twitter @EWTN, Facebook, or email the show directly: MorningGlory@EWTN.com!

See you bright and early!


Alyssa Murphy

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101 Places to Pray with Tom Craughwell tomorrow at 7am ET!

Make sure to tune in for Morning Glory tomorrow at 7am ET! Monsignor Charles Pope will be with us as our spiritual sidekick AND guest as we explore the landscape of divorce and Catholic annulments, reaping from his vast knowledge and experience dealing with the subject.

We’ll also learn more about our new International Ambassador for Religious Freedom Sam Brownback with Maureen Ferguson of The Catholic Association. Brownback converted to Catholicism through a chance encounter with Blessed Mother Teresa and understands the importance of freedom especially with one’s faith.

And pilgrimages you can take in our country alone, we talk with Thomas Craughwell about 101 Places to Pray Before You Die, a new book out now on Franciscan Media. The book has at least 6 places to visit per state, each one offering a whimsical and holy experience.

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See you bright and early!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy

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Monsignor Charles Pope’s words on same sex attraction..

Our beloved Godly Counsel, Monsignor Charles Pope wrote a beautiful reflection on homosexuality and how important it is to adhere to our Catholic faith and the truth despite the desire to be ‘nice.’ Make sure to catch all of Monsignor’s wise words as http://www.NCRegister.com and http://www.blog.adw.org.

We also spoke with Sister Stephanie Still about the needs of the elderly religious. Recently the National Religious Retirement Office raised over 25 million for those advancing in age dealing with health ailments and living expenses. Learn more about how you can help at http://www.usccb.org.

A new theatre production begins touring in October–Saint Luke’s Production is producing TOLTON: From Slave to Saint. Leonardo DeFilippis joined to share all the details of Augustin Tolton’s life and how closely they worked with Bishop Perry who is working on the cause for canonization.

Don’t miss a moment of Morning Glory! Tune in every weekday at 7am ET to begin your day Catholic from the start!

–Alyssa Murphy

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A Catholic Approach to Healthcare on Morning Glory!

Tune in bright and early tomorrow morning with the Morning Glory team including our Godly Counsel, Father Thomas Petri joining us from Roma!

Guests include Louis Brown of CMF Curo on a Catholic approach to healthcare, injecting love and mercy into the care for life at all stages. Mary Vigil will also be with us who is assuming a new role with Christ Medicus Foundation. With the Senate vote this week on the new bill, this is a very important issue that deserves much discussion!

With some big news from the Supreme Court today, we talk with Elizabeth Slattery of Heritage about a win for religious liberty!

Finally, we have Alan Holdren who typically joins from Rome. He’s in DC for a summer break and will be able to shed light on a sad disappearance of a Chinese Bishop. With many Catholics and Christians being persecuted for their faith, Alan will unpack the fate of the Bishop and what we might do to help. The Holy See today is asking for prayers for the safe return of Bishop Shao! Read more about it at ewtnnews.com!

Our conversation is always a two way street. Find us on Facebook, tweet to the show directly by using @EWTN, or comment here! We love to hear questions and ideas from our listeners!

We hope you’ll wake up with us!

God bless!

Alyssa Murphy